25 thoughts on “Online Poker Tournaments for Beginners MTT3 Part 1

  1. This is a helpful video in some respects, but small buy-in MTT tourneys are
    swarming with fish who play every hand, call every bet, and frequently
    outdraw you against all odds. While it’s essential to get “beyond the
    cards,” this seems impossible against the donkeys who turn a game of skill
    into a scratch ‘n win. So, you’re reduced to playing premium hands only,
    and if you don’t catch any, your tournament run will be short. 

  2. You know that saying your opponent probably has a monster and at the same
    time AJ is too strong to fold preflop (out of position) is absurb, right?
    Even AQ is bad to call with an early position raise in cash games…

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  4. A9 vs a CO open is WAY ahead of any competent late position raiser’s range,
    and he gets to play in position on the button. I think you need to watch
    some more poker videos dude 🙂

  5. Not actually sure Virus but I think I hear U.S players talking about Bovada
    and Carbon being U.S friendly…

  6. I find it really hard to range my opponents in the $1 $0.50 buy ins because
    they are so loose, so I tighten up naturally and might get a few double ups
    when I wake up with AA KK QQ and AK ect. but usually when I’m being forced
    to play so tightly by these maniacal gamblers I get eaten up by the blinds.
    How do I combat this??

  7. Btw when I said answer your questions – I meant possibly open your eyes up
    to some end game strategy. Not show you exactly what to be doing – For that
    you have to wait for the Pokernerve MTT course – ETA – 2 weeks. Stay tuned
    for pokernerveDOTcom

  8. Can you explain why you fired a second bullet on 6:50? There is a little
    change that both oppenents would fold and you dont want to fold versus a
    raise which you should do if someone raises

  9. You can find part 2 and 3 on the channel or the PokerNerve website – Under
    VIDEOS -> MTT Review (see all)

  10. And yep again to the 2nd part – Question of maths. I’d put him on a range,
    then weigh up my hands equity against that range and compare that to the
    pot odds to see if the situation is profitable or not (with a sufficient
    time bank and pokerstove open, it would be possible to calculate it at the
    table to get an exact answer so long as the range you put the opponent on
    is accurate).

  11. This is supposed to be for beginners but me as a complete noob (I guess we
    are called fish, right?) who doesn’t understand all the vocabulary this
    sounds quite confusing.

  12. So I am plugging that leak, with so many aggressive players these days, how
    do you find spots to 3 bet them those who raise light from MP during the
    middle stages or what kind of hands do you recommend doing this with so
    that if they do play back at you, you can act accordingly.

  13. Most def will be awaiting that and I got cha when you said that 😉 thanks
    so much for these videos! I’m watching your 33 rebuy as I speak. I’ll check
    out the others you suggested later this afternoon. Thanks mate!

  14. Good question. In such spots it’s a far more powerful play to semi-bluff.
    The options are 1. Check and virtually give up (have to hit to win – 16% to
    hit a straight, 6% hit a king which may be good) 2. Have the option to hit
    but also use fold equity to force opponents to fold. A better play. Of
    course if fold equity is minimal/check raise frequency is high, sometimes
    taking fee cards can be okay. In this spot that looks reasonable – But I
    felt like they were just calling the flop with bananas

  15. there are some exceptions to above depending on stack size and skill
    advantage etc. But that was generally speaking. Also one more thing to note
    is – it doesn’t have to work very often to yield a profit (in terms of
    picking up the blinds and antes). For example if the table was 8 handed
    with 100-200 blinds and a 25 ante, it would only need to work 44% of the
    time, whilst 3x would need to work 55% of the time (purely in terms of
    trying to win the blinds)…

  16. i have to say, i am an above average mtt player and i cash in about 22% of
    100+ players tournaments i play. This video was great, I learned some
    additional strategy and it was very easy to follow. Mostly though however,
    it was just nice to watch someone play an excellent game and validate my
    own strategy. Its llike watching a movie and knowing whats going to happen
    ahaha. I found ti awesome that i could agree with everything you did and
    also learn alot. I will keep watching!

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