25 thoughts on “OAR: Crazy Game of Poker, Live at Madison Square Garden

  1. Perfect example of how great live music can be. OAR is one of those bands
    that are great to see live.


    Family! The album is coming together with so much verve! For example,
    producers +Marcus Marshall, +Silvio Delis and I are putting the finishing
    touches on a song called “Primary Color”. It’s an upbeat, percussive
    groove, and the subject matter is YOU! Guitarist Richard On of O.A.R. came
    through the studio last night and added something exquisite to the tune.
    The vibe was right and the moment was full of discovery. Speaking of
    discovery, check out this video of O.A.R. live from Madison Square Garden.


    – CM

  3. because they have a similar style they are wannabees? sounds like some shit
    bro they are talented in their own right

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have every live album from Any Time Now
    to Red Rocks. Every song, although the same in basic structure, is
    different every time. Studio recordings just seem to suffocate their sound.
    Even a pop number like Shattered sounds 100 times better live.

  5. This sounds great! I’ve been thinking about giving one of their live albums
    a try but I don’t know which one to get. Does anyone have any
    recommendations on which one would be the best to get?

  6. Now, I don’t think that they ONLY sound good live. They are definitely
    waaaaaay better live, though. Honestly, I only listen to their studio songs
    when I’m on a time crunch and I HAVE to have me some OAR. Time
    limits…blah. These guys really know how to prolong the good vibes 🙂

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