25 thoughts on “NLH Poker Vol2 Advanced Strategies With Gus Hansen Part 8”

  1. lol… this video is for total begginers πŸ˜€ thought he’ll tell sth i i
    didn;t knew… but he bluffed me :p

  2. “Now that i have given you all the tools you need to win, what you need to
    do in this situation?” What a classic line from Gus… there is one thing
    you have not given me yet, your donky suck out power!!!

  3. hahaha.. I think that lady at 3:27 was asked too get out of the frame cause
    those legs were distracting..

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s for total beginners at all; these lessons are as the
    title says, ‘Advanced’ NLHE tournament strategies. In the first few parts
    Gus is explaining the absolute basics of position and starting hands but
    this is important as some people think Gus is a madman, he’s very careful
    to emphasize just how important position & starting hand requirements are
    to the wonder-brains who think such stuff doesn’t matter and Gus can just
    steal any pot he wants with a maniacal bluff.

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