25 thoughts on “NLH Poker Vol2 Advanced Strategies With Gus Hansen Part 7”

  1. @IPAWNMYQUEENS Yeh! And he forgot to tell the one thing that ALWAYS makes
    you win in every game :D. But I am not telling of course.

  2. its funny that he didnt even mention the most important factor in bluffing
    but im not going to tell you lol

  3. who wants to be intermediate? maybe that’s the reason you’re still in the
    intermediate stages of poker??? ever think of that chief? maybe you should.

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    makes you play properly. you can get 5 pounds to start playing here ->

  5. I don’t like the way he wants us all to be agressive. I mean, each player
    has his own style man!

  6. Yes but they are not all as aggressive as Gus. You need lot of experience
    to play like him. He plays LAG style. TAG poker is also a winning style and
    it’s safer to play for a beginner/intermediate poker player.

  7. you know nothing about poker baby.. im always scared when i watch videos i
    always think damn all that bad players im totally superior too become
    better throught that and all my advantage will go but this post proves im
    scared of windmills you are all complete donkeys you couldnt even milk a
    mouse when she begs for it….

  8. im getting decent results on sit n go’s, but cash tables are a disaster to
    me. what could be going on here? what am i doing wrong in cash tables?

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  10. gussy boy. agressive is the way ro go. these tips are great for a
    begginier. though its revision for advanced player. still goodd gussy boy.
    GREATEST FAN!!!!!!!

  11. I have pocket KK, the flop comes A A A, I get the poor sap to go all in for
    $350 cash, he calls. The turn comes A. then the river it’s a K for a split
    pot OMG! I have had bad luck much worse then that for the last 3 months, I
    can flop the nut flush and someone will draw out a full house on me while
    overbetting the pot.

  12. if u really think he has quads then fold. if a ace in on board should be a
    semi easy fold. if you think hes got a smaller pair then you then bet…
    read your oponents if you got him beat then bet, if he has you beat then
    fold. never fall in love with kk or aa, they win a lot of hands but in
    certain situations they should be a easy lay down.

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