25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2013 e12

  1. I know this comment is months old now, but I agree. He acted like a douche
    and the whole ‘my time’ bullshit was cringeworthy.

  2. I think the problem with Phil is inconsistency. He can play like a genius
    and he can play like an idiot, mostly because he lets emotions take over.
    In general however I think that he has played great poker in the last few
    years. He really changed his style and adapted. Just watch the 2012 WSOPE
    main event final table, where he just crushed everyone and which for me was
    one of the most impressive poker performances I’ve ever seen.

  3. Love MM…he’s a degenerate gambler, but he can’t help it. Hope he doesn’t
    go all Stu Ungar on us. He’s a gentle guy, it seems.

  4. Aw yeah. Man, that one was a horrible beat, specially because he last
    2011’s with the same suck out. But anyway we are talking about This two in
    particular, though. There are more than a few suckouts in this type of

  5. And as usual nobody sees the correlation between Phil’s “bad feeling about
    this hand” and the result. Time and time again. Too bad for you fish.

  6. He only had 2,3:1 odd : had to call 252 on a pot of 586k (making a total
    pot of 838k) so getting 2,3 to 1 he needed at least 30ish% equity, he only
    had 20% so it’s a really bad call (it was only a call if his 8 and 4 were
    outs too making him have 15 outs and not 9)

  7. Believe and achieve. Looks like Mikes been attending the school of Antonio
    Esfandiari. He’s even using the “weeeee” line down to a tee!!

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