25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2013 e08”

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  4. Helmuth is nuts…..sands hit a 2 outer to take the lead…only justice
    that Phil hits the queen

  5. Sands is just silent throughout everything, it’s like he’s ripping you
    apart mentally rather than physically.

  6. If that was me in Katchalov’s position, I’d of moved all in so quick people
    on the other tables would’ve folded. Very, very disciplined lay down.

  7. I’ve layed down a flush before when the river actually gave me a flush but
    paired the board, I jus had a feelin it hit 1 of the other guys, good thing
    I was first to act but 1 other guy had the flush too and lost to the boat

  8. phil hellmuth would get destroyed by any 3 dollar sng reg. everytime I try
    to watch this nbc heads up shit I get nausea. limps, 96o calls, donkbets
    and horrible lines. I really wonder if theyre just doing this on tv to keep
    you fish fanboys uneducated

  9. Board pairs, it’s a tough lay down, but usually the right one, especially
    if the person you’re heads up with sees a flush and still goes all in.

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