25 thoughts on “National Heads Up Poker Championship 2013 E01 720p”

  1. anyone saw in the intro how the guy dealt a card and threw it in between
    the stack chips? im gonna try that….. pretty cool

  2. never put andrew lichtenberger on tv ever again.. who chooses these people
    anyways? dumb

  3. that announcer makes stupid ass questions to the poker players sometimes…
    the answers are always the same.. christ

  4. I want blom to screw my girlfriend while i hide in the cupboard and watch,
    he is beautiful boy!

  5. Most of the professionals only go to this type of event if they are either
    freerolling (which they arent here), get payed to attend or get enough
    amateurs/fish thrown in among them. If you invite only 64 of the best poker
    players, let them buy in for their chips…. why would they go? Poor value.
    Inviting millionaires/celebrities playing poker is one way of doing it,
    inviting former WSOP main event winners (the lucky amateur kind) another.

  6. Madusow and Mizrachi stranded in the desert trying to change a flat tire –
    that’s what you call drawing dead

  7. well, every time i see mike “the mouth” playing, i just think: he dont
    deserves to play with these awesome players. he dont deserve to play this
    wonderfull game with so much money……he is wrong in this buisiness…..

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