25 thoughts on “Must see poker hand. Unbelievable luck.

  1. She must carry in her pocket the amulet the black cube by roman
    lark…people say it working very good!!!

  2. No because texas hold-em poker is about using 5 cards and not 6.
    The Q counts for nothing because the straight was drawn on the table

  3. Why didnt the girl win everything ? i mean the guy only had pair of queens
    but she had higher cards than him . Anyone explain for me please lol..

  4. he has a face of a very calm serial killer/rapist its like “ok wanna fuck
    with me bitch?? im gona get ya “

  5. na, the flop showed that she got a straight up, but the turn and the river
    showed exactly the same cards, which she got on her hand, so it was like
    the same hand

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