4 thoughts on “Mike Sexton – Poker Tip – Most important lesson in poker”

  1. I’m distroyed on so many levels, players are too tight at pokerstars at
    micro level, no action

  2. @Zee96969696 Let me help you. There is no “the best advice.” Patience is
    ideal at the poker table and so is being humble (which is Sexton’s advice
    here). If you’re patient at the table but not humble about your knowledge,
    then you’ll get destroyed. And, if you’re humble about your knowledge but
    not patient, then that’ll destroy you, too.

  3. sounds like pretty shit advise, i would say the best advise to give is to
    say to be patient, because i always win when im patient and i always lose
    when im inpatient, i dont always win when im patient but most of the time i
    do, unless everyone goes all in or bets 25% of their stack preflop, i hate
    those tables so much

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