11 thoughts on “Mega-Poker.Net: Learn to Play Poker – Table Position Part I”

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  2. yes but not necessarily if there is a preflop raise depending on who did
    the raise and how much it is

  3. Do you see why the person who made this video is not a good poker player
    (think to yourself about this)?

  4. Did you hear him say ive read books about this then change it to written
    books .. Hes talking out his ahole

  5. if you only play the top hands and play hands in position you become too
    predictable and you will lose.

  6. when u use this way of playing there is an other thing u can do for not to
    lose the pots from blinds and calls…bluff a litle to win back the stack
    and wait for the good hand..remember, DONT put your chips all in when you
    are strong..slow rising or even check is the best way to make a big win!!!
    believe me..

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