21 thoughts on “Mega-Poker.Net: Learn to Play Poker – How to Play Big Slick”

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  2. first example? what? that board is terrible to cbet against a good player
    calling a 3bet out of UTG…

  3. Really nice informative video. Lots of poker basics can be learned from
    this video. Thanks for uploading thanks.

  4. well I learned a lot from this video for with me just starting to play
    poker and I’ve used it and it works pretty well for my style and I have 4
    wins out of 9 games so far.

  5. Everything he’s trying to teach here, he read in a book himself. I think
    he’s a really stiff and tight player. I didn’t learn anything.

  6. too tight somone kood have aj aq or 99 ect and u dont raise u only call id
    love to play u

  7. It’s a poker training program. He can choose the hands to play and practice
    with that hand as long as he likes. Different flops, different actions from
    other players, different table positions. The other players are not human,
    the are computerplayers.

  8. When I play 1 3 no limit live game, and I get Big Slick, I always raise it
    and get like 5 callers and end up loseing… should I just limp in with it
    or push all in preflop?

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