25 thoughts on “Literally Cheat at Poker without any fast dealing moves (Stacking The Deck)”

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    100 percent extra up to six hundred dollars

  2. for good reasons obviously πŸ™‚ professional poker players dont do that
    (according to the information a card expert gave me recently). which is odd.

  3. Not very hard If you know the riffle shuffle perfectly with good feel of
    cards and if you play around with cards a lot..

  4. U know what is a crimp card right.??.. That way you can make the person cut
    from where we want.. Hope it helps Buddy.. πŸ™‚

  5. That’s just awesome, I learnt to stack recently a little on my own but
    after this tutorial i’m way way better than I was, thanks a lot for it!!

  6. just remember. stacking is better than learning to deal. however, palming
    and mucking will always be the best as you don’t deal the cards to yourself

  7. Dude!!! Thank you so much for teaching me this! I really appreciate

  8. and if you dont want do make it with the crimp card which is obviously the
    better but not 100 % sure way you have to still make a crimp card but then
    cut it yourself there with a classic or invisible pass or like any pass πŸ˜€

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