25 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Poker Night 2 Episode 1 – Gift of Gab”

  1. 18:39 – Is GLaDOS going down on Claptrap? Yeesh, save it for after the
    conclusion of the experiment…

  2. WOW! Immediately after seeing this I made a decision to register with
    PokerStar and also I stumbled upon the marketing code psp15562 and so they
    matched up the first first deposit

  3. Hi AGNB, I went and took the liberty of creating my own playlist of your
    journey through this game, so maybe other people would like it as well.

  4. It looks like Youtube may have gotten rid of that option, I’ll have to look
    more into that

  5. *Embarrased* I can’t find which button you mean. Then again, I have a hard
    time finding my inbox in the current layout.

  6. Skipped the intro? tsk tsk. hope you gave it a chance in the options. also
    each one “swears” according to their character in the show/game.

  7. Could of just been me shifting around with my headset on lol My other Let’s
    Plays don’t get that kinda static since I talk constantly through them

  8. I don’t play poker, never played poker, but this is still pretty
    entertaining to watch.

  9. “It’s true. It’s driving me insane. Just like Lizzie Borden.” PLEASE tell
    me I’m not the only one who gets that.

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