25 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Poker Night 2 Episode 1 – Gift of Gab

  1. 18:39 – Is GLaDOS going down on Claptrap? Yeesh, save it for after the
    conclusion of the experiment…

  2. WOW! Immediately after seeing this I made a decision to register with
    PokerStar and also I stumbled upon the marketing code psp15562 and so they
    matched up the first first deposit

  3. Hi AGNB, I went and took the liberty of creating my own playlist of your
    journey through this game, so maybe other people would like it as well.

  4. *Embarrased* I can’t find which button you mean. Then again, I have a hard
    time finding my inbox in the current layout.

  5. Skipped the intro? tsk tsk. hope you gave it a chance in the options. also
    each one “swears” according to their character in the show/game.

  6. Could of just been me shifting around with my headset on lol My other Let’s
    Plays don’t get that kinda static since I talk constantly through them

  7. “It’s true. It’s driving me insane. Just like Lizzie Borden.” PLEASE tell
    me I’m not the only one who gets that.

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