14 thoughts on “Learn Poker with Phil Gordon “Final Table Poker” 1/10

  1. this is fake he would of flopped top pair and bruce has ace jack a kicker
    just higher then his. uh yah right. THat flop came perfect for him to prove
    his point. But really that stuff doesn’t happen what happens if he flops a
    flush or ace 10 flop? or 2 10s flop?

  2. this is fuckin GAY, why is it so hard to find videos on advanced strategy
    that arent all scripted and shit

  3. @fliptthescript its far more likely that he catches a pair, which happens
    about a third of a time. but you wouldn’t want to be calling all the time
    with A10s just to hope that you flop a flush two pair or three of a kind,
    because that doesn’t happen often enough to justify the call.

  4. @Raulthink and any straight that involves the ten alone like 6-7-8-9-10 can
    easily be beaten by anyone with a 10-J and easily tied with someone like
    6-10, depending on the flop and turn . true it makes more straights, but
    when it does, the chances of you being beaten are very significant.

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