25 thoughts on “Last poker hand in Casino Royale (2006)”

  1. “I don’t know too much about the game. Maybe someone can enlighten me,
    Would there ever be a chance a hand like this that was played, would ever
    come about? I know. I know. It’s a game of chance and anything is possible.
    But seriously. Do you ever think you would see such a hand?”

    It’s not that Straight Flush is that unimaginable, they’re rare but they do
    happen. What’s unimaginable is a flush, two full houses, and a straight
    flush all at the same table, by all contestants. That’s what’s far out.
    Even with the World Series of Poker, most players at the table fold, and
    most winning hands are pairs and what not.

  2. When Bond turns those cards over, I love how the colour drains out of Le
    Chiffre’s face

  3. Is it possible that Bond didn’t go all in right away because he wanted to
    sell his cards and just keep checking to lure the other players in, so
    they wouldn’t suspect his amazing hand?

  4. Admittedly much less impressive having dealt these games at a casino, sort
    of. Even with a full house, it’s a hard sell to believe that the man would
    go all in without having the straight flush. Calling it would be a very,
    very tough decision.

  5. Why would you just limp in there with pocket 66 or 88 – 4-handed: easy
    shove pre-flop 88 asuming he is cutoff, though call for the A6o although he
    is probably ahead of the range of a small stack pushing almost ATC at that
    spot probably, he should have isolated against the co and shoved to, Bond
    folds his 57s trash hands and looks for more + ev spots and the guy in BB
    is getting good odds to call allin with. Massive cooler for the 88 when he
    hits trips and then gets rivered by the A6o bigstack

  6. When this book was written by Fleming slow rolling was considered the norm
    and everyone showed their hands in turn no matter what the strength.

  7. Slow roll yea right he would get killed in real life for that. He had the
    nuts nobody needed to show there hands

  8. It’s actually not uncommon to see the first three hands in action against
    each other. It is rare to see a straight flush with two hole cards, and
    even rarer for it to pay off. What’s extremely unlikely is seeing all four
    of these hands at the same time with only 4 starting players.

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