25 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Poker Face On Bass Clarinet

  1. hey i play bass clarinet for the blue springs golden regiment. how old are
    you. you are a really good player

  2. I have a question, a few questions o; *how tall is the bass clarinet?
    *is it hard to play?
    *do you have to blow more air than on a normal clarinet?
    I was asking cause my teachers asked me to play bass but I said imma think
    about c: & I’m 4’11 & is that a required height to play it? Cause bass
    looks too tall o;

  3. You can adjust le peg i think thats wut its called to whatever height you
    like you do have to blow more than a normal clarinet i dont know if its
    hard to play ima find out for myselft too once i finish a competition on
    clarinet c:

  4. holy crap!! You are amazing!!!! I play bass, but all my parts are whole
    notes and quarter notes, it kinda sucks, but, bass clarinets rule!!!!!

  5. I’ve been playing clarinet for 6 years and started bass clarinet 3 months
    ago C: Good luck to you~

  6. I have been playing bass clarinet for two years now, and at this point, I
    haven’t totally acomplished anything past a B flat. Nice job.

  7. ikr! We played Firework for one concert and clarinets, flutes , and
    saxophones played the pretty parts and we were stuck playing repetitive
    quarter notes

  8. I play bass clarinet and i love playing today’s top music on my bass. It is
    so much fun. I love bass clarinet!;)

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