25 thoughts on “Jerry Yang Wins $8.25 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

  1. and he’s from Temecula, CA, where I live, and he got in the WSOP by winning
    a satellite at Pechanga Casino, thats where I play

  2. this nigga fired my homiez that work in his restaurant HAHAHA! sucks for my
    homiez tho, aint jerry’s fault.

  3. Many of r first n last names r same as the Chinese. It’s a long story, but
    I’m pretty sure that long time ago, we were Chinese.

  4. @SpecialSomeone4u did you watch the 2011 wsop its took them til like 3 in
    the morning to crown a champ they were only 3 handed. they film all the
    action and jus edit it to 1 hour bits

  5. @SpecialSomeone4u You’re a member of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders?
    We need more people like you in this world. Cheers.

  6. hey———–>SpecialSomeone4u. If your wife or husband listen to you,
    then you and him or you and her wouldn’t have to go through divorce.

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