25 thoughts on “Jade Richards & Keir Smith – Poker Face Cover (Before X Factor)”

  1. waaaaaay too talented for some sad t.v. show and poor kelly still hasnt
    done anything with her talentless self since beyonce carried her for so
    many years and then finally decided to chop off the dead weight !!

  2. its bullshit that she didnt get through. kelly new if jade went through the
    rest was irelevant!!

  3. Everyone check out her audtioion for The X Factor. Someone Like You. She
    got 4 “humungous, brilliant yes’ which she deserves very much. Keep it up

  4. Wow, I love her voice. I don’t understand why Kelly said she’s not
    versatile enough. I hope she has her own band soon!

  5. I just don’t understand why she wasn’t put through to the live shows… and
    to think that it was her fifth time she auditioned..

  6. @drummerconnor I agree with each and every word of yours. I’ll look out for
    Jade’s own youtube channel. She doesn’t need Xfactor, she has it and we
    know it. Keep singing, girl!

  7. BTW Jade is gid but so is the guitarist, disnae get the credit he
    deserves… Awesome job Keir!!!!

  8. @drummerconnor Janet deserved to go through. Its that dumb fuck Sophie that
    shouldn’t have gone through!

  9. Jade is alright at this song but i think she is better at someone like
    you!x Jade’s voice is one of the best voices ive ever heard and just 2
    kelly(she made the wrong decison!!)

  10. I just could not believe that Kelly did not make Jade through the
    competition. That sucks because she is amazing and deserved to get

  11. Im really sad you couldnt comment on the original x factor video because i
    wanted to tell you how amazing it was. I cried the whole way through your
    performance, it was AMAZING!!!! It doesnt matter that you didnt get through
    because with that voice you will go so far anyway!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ xxxx

  12. Kelly said Jade can’t keep up with versatility ? then why the fuck is JANET
    through ? her voice is the same in every song, it never changes and she
    bores me to tears. This is a REAL artist !!!!

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