25 thoughts on “In Time: Strip Poker (Deleted Scene)

  1. Did you know there’s another scene in this movie that shows 0bama having
    gay sex with dogs, arabs, union thugs, chris matthews, socialists, and
    communists? While praying to his idol Karl Marx and spreading communism.

  2. This was such a good movie!! I love it! For me better than Cloud Atlas for
    sure. That was mess to me…

  3. I sucked at poker so I never got to see any tits and pussy while playing
    strip poker with my cousins!

  4. Reminds me of a certain painting, l knos what you were thinkin about the
    second you pulled out onto tha highway in a white suv tessa, and it wernt
    si much the color of the vehicle either, my fingers went like that bc l
    want you to give me a “ring” sometime lady.

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