12 thoughts on “Impact of Internet Poker”

  1. LOL, Ivey is so funny … you can ask us questions we’re always there to
    answer them … Sure buddy.

  2. Im not paid by FTP or anything to say that but the best CASH games are
    there. And the best TOURNAMENTS are at stars definely. FTP makes a a great
    tourney and Stars makes 10 times better one for the same buy in 10 minutes
    after that lol. But the biggest cash games are at FTP. So it deppends on
    what you want to play.

  3. @KopaleKopale Cool I’ll keep that in mind. Im almost purely an mtt player
    myself…SOME sng’s, usually HU. I have heard that FTP is better for ring
    tho. Durrrr sponsored by them yet?

  4. FTP – ring PS – tourneys. And btw yeah Tom is part of FTP team from
    december 2009 I belive.

  5. As Full Tilt is largely owned by the pros, its true. I dont even play on FT
    because I’m not a big fan of the format, and its not as big as stars, but
    the pros are definitely dedicated ot their site.

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