24 thoughts on “How to size your bets in poker.”

  1. I have to admit even tuff_fishes videos sugests there is something funny
    giong on with online poker, though tuff_fish blamed the poker gods more
    than a rigged sight. Then there’s videos made by pokerman78 showing rigged
    action! LoveandBigAl’s are the most disturbing videos to me!! These video
    show me there’s something REALLY fishy going on!! And LoveandBigAl has it
    figured out! Unless these videos are fabricated as a joke! I did see
    LoveandBigAl play on pokerstars though. It seemed normal though

  2. @realma888 He may have figured that it is rigged and figured out the rigged
    patterns. We all know this ISN’T a stradigy in an UNRIGGED game

  3. @bandet888 it’s not a strategy to go all in on the turn with top pair
    against 2 overs? (kj)

  4. @pokertaughteasy Will you PLEASE PLEASE be truthfull to us?!! Do you REALLY
    consider 92 offsuit a monster BEFORE THE FLOP in a game of TRUE
    RANDOMNESS?!! Will you PLEASE just admit that you somehow figured out what
    GARBAGE hands will win?!! Or if these videos are FABRICATED for fun?!!
    PLEASE just be HONEST with us!!!

  5. I’m glad somebody finally understands the concepts of my strategies. You’re
    going to go places in poker if you can watch these videos and take in all
    the greatness.

  6. I am assuming you are just being an idiot now. Otherwise you are just an
    idiot. I have to believe that you are not as dumb as you make yourself
    look. So i will assume that you are just playing stupid and have a terrible
    sense of humor. This video as well as your others suck.

  7. @dundee123 since when was 4-3 off suit considered a strong hand in poker, i
    would rather have 10.s or aces

  8. I’m sorry too, we all have our things to improve on. I sometimes fly to the
    east coast, would be great to see you in a casino some day!

  9. are u crazy???? thats lottery playing for u men!!! 4 3 against tens and
    ases?? okey u definitly crazy!!! are u wining any prives whit that tipe of
    playing??? u crazy bstrd

  10. @pokertaughteasy The concepts of your strategy is obviously you figured out
    what RAG hands will hit!!! You called your 9 2 off a monster BEFORE the
    flop!!! You somehow KNEW the 9 would hit!! Once you hit your 9 I have to
    admit your opponent made a bad call with just K high. Your stradigy is NOT
    a good stradigy in a game with TRUE RANDOMNESS!!! I mean come on 9 2 off a
    monster BEFORE THE FLOP?!!

  11. All in with 4 3 off against 10 10 and AA. Uh yeah pretty standard. ON A

  12. Maybe some day. I can’t afford to risk any money right now though. If I
    KNEW I would win I would go but I can’t take a chance that I’ll probably

  13. @pokertaughteasy The only thing I understand is that these sights are
    RIGGED!!!! And you have it figured out!!!!! I mean come on!!!! 43 offsuit
    vs AA and 10 10?!!!!!! And you knew you would win?!!!!! You obviously know
    what hand wil hit!!!!!!!! How is this not RIGGED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i don’t understand- either you know something about how the poker software
    works- or you do these plays hundreds of times and pick out the times you
    get lucky.

  15. whats this guy on about he would last 2 minutes playing like that in a
    proper live game, what an idiot player, i suggest he goes and reads some
    books on poker

  16. nice dude, basically you’re double bluffing these guys telling them u have
    a strong hand like 43 but they dont believe u so call you with only 1 pair
    like the 10’s or AA. nice

  17. Pokerman78 is showing us the rigged action. This guy is maybe trying to
    show us how to possibably take advantage in the rigged action. When I first
    saw his videos I thought he was just trying to be a wiseguy. But maybe he’s
    trying to tell us something.

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