17 thoughts on “How to play Texas Holdem Poker – Texas Hold’em Poker Rules”

  1. Is there a rule where all active players MUST show their cards at showdown
    (no mucking)? I mean, does it exist in some casinos, home rules or has the
    rule been there in history of poker sometime? (I have encountered in some
    online poker games).

  2. First card is dealt to the small blind… great video slight mistake.. no
    biggie… plz fix it bcoz ppl r learning from it… u would want them to
    learn the right way.. tnx…. LOVE HOLD’EM :0)

  3. also doesnt talk about the burn cards.. slight change would make this THE
    best poker tutorial video… tnx..

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  5. Okay so let’s say the bet is raised the first round. Everyone has bet the
    same amount or has folded. So after the Turn card is placed and the second
    round of betting begins, is the minimum bet still the big blind? Or, is it
    the amount that was last called during the first round?

  6. @fullfist – thank you for your comment regarding my Hold’em poker video. I
    am doing my best ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. How do they decide what the minimum bet is? or is it just agreed at the
    start of the game?

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