12 thoughts on “How to Play Texas Holdem Poker : Early Position in Texas Holdem Poker”

  1. Thanks for all your help your video’s along with phil gordon’s have
    certainly imporoved my game especially not getting too heavily invested in
    early position w/ what i thought were quality or high quality hands when in
    reality they were marginal. Thanks again.

  2. so you’re telling me i should throw away jacks or tens in early position??
    give me a break….

  3. i like early position cause whats my chances 2 have better if the last 2
    bet in the preflop but only sometimes i play it strong bcause i wanna see
    the other bets

  4. @shroey20 no he is not telling you that, he is not telling you that you
    thow away jacks he is just telling dont play strong dont raise,you can be
    rereaised with kk and you would be in very bad position

  5. he is telling how to play poker when playing for real money not how to play
    for fun, all you stupid players play every hand, if someone show you two
    aces and you have 2 kings you would still call stupid bingo play ever hand

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