25 thoughts on “How to Deal Poker – The Poker Pitch – Situations

  1. The proper term is not ‘helicoptering’. While it is commonly used, the
    proper term for that (improper) technique is ‘floating’.

  2. It is also used to check for any irregularities in the stub. Sometimes you
    will find a boxed card because either a card was not flipped over properly
    when mucked or (more likely) the shuffle machine on the table messed up

  3. Next, when you are pitching to seats 1 and 10, you can pretty much deliver
    the cards to them however you want. A lot of the time dealers will not even
    really pitch to those seats because they are so close. They will just kinda
    extend their arms out and flick the cards the slightest bit to the spots
    there. Personally, I think pitching the cards to them is the best method if
    you have good enough control over your pitch, but it honestly doesn’t
    matter that much.

  4. When squaring your deck don’t use your knuckles like you did, you are
    supposed to use the palm of your hand. To show the players that you are not
    palming a card or holding anything in your hand, its also for the camera.
    No one is perfect though, thanks for the video.

  5. Also, in your specific case, when pitching from the top corner of the deck
    in your video, your pitch looks about right, but when pitching from further
    down on the card, you are grabbing the edge of the card with your thumb and
    index finger. If you notice in my video, I am grabbing deeper into the card.

  6. I have seen dealers rather than pitch, slide the cards off the top of the
    deck while dealing which looks pretty cool, are u able to demonstrate this
    type of deal?

  7. I should clarify that they are plastic, poker sized Copags. I just do not
    know the specific model.

  8. I didn’t see this question until just now. To the best of my knowledge, if
    the very first card off the deck during the pitch is exposed, every casino
    in the United States will call that a misdeal and require the deck to be
    reshuffled. I suppose it is possible that there are some casinos out there
    that do not follow that, but I find it pretty likely that they all do.

  9. Copags. Not sure of the exact type. They were given to me. I am hoping that
    one day, I will get with some vendors, test out decks and have helpful
    links to the ones I recommend.

  10. Ok – this is the part where it is so much easier to be there in person.
    Since that can’t happen, I will do my best to explain. The first answer is
    to compare the speed you pitch cards to the volume of your voice when
    talking. When you get experienced, you will be able to pitch the cards with
    as much force as you want, just like you can talk louder or softer if you
    want. If you are having trouble with this, try relaxing your grip on the
    cards more with your thumb and index finger…

  11. At what point can you place the deck on the table after the deal/hand is
    done? Is it once the river is dealt? When specifically?

  12. hey truepokerdealer… as an experienced dealer (ten years of dealing
    professionally.) one i will say, you are doing a fine job.. two… someone
    asked why we fan the deck.. that is done so that the stub is retrievable…
    do not do this without a supervisor present… but it gives the floor the
    opportunity to retrieve what was left of the stub… otherwise, you are
    doing a very good job….

  13. Really though, when it comes down to it, I have many friends who deal poker
    professionally. Some of them use their palm. Some of them use their
    knuckle. Some of them square the deck with other methods that I would not
    recommend using. Either way, the only thing that matters is whether or not
    the casino they work at allows them to deal that way. If that casino allows
    it, then that is an acceptable way to deal, no matter what we think.

  14. One question- I’ve seen nearly all dealers fan the rest of the deck after
    dealing the river. What’s that for?

  15. As a poker player I would just like to say how much I appreciate these
    videos. From what I have seen being a dealer is tough (I know I would never
    try it lol) and it is great seeing someone showing how to do the work

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