25 thoughts on “How to Deal Poker – How to Shuffle Cards

  1. great video i really apreciate this video it help me a lot
    greedings from chile
    btw such a great talent to explain steps

  2. Thanks! Very kind, and it’s nice to hear the positives from people such as
    yourself. It more than justifies making the videos. At the same time,
    working in casinos requires thick skin. You should hear what they call me
    when I am making a floor ruling after a player went all in, left their hand
    unprotected and it gets mucked before they get to the showdown! 😉 “I am
    sorry, sir, but I simply can’t take your word for it as to what your hand
    was. Please protect your hand in the future…”

  3. Thanks for the question. I probably confused a few people with that one.
    You can use any card. I teach the top card because it is right there, easy
    to get a hold of since it is on the top. It has nothing to do with the
    shuffle. If you happen to be holding any other card, use that one instead!

  4. I will make more videos eventually. That is a promise to the poker
    community. It may not be for another year or two though.

  5. You are so thorough, easy to understand, speak nice and clearly. If anyone
    dislikes or left anything other than great feedback, they are idiot kids.
    Thanks for the video.

  6. If you keep practicing on that surface it will eventually become easier to
    do. But if you get either a proper poker table, a card mat or (how a lot of
    people learn) is to get a scrap piece of carpet about the size of a spread
    deck of cards and the surface they have sort of grips the cards so that you
    get an even spread

  7. thanks Man i really mean it you really helped me now i don’t need 1 bonus
    poker player to shuffle my cards 🙂

  8. I’ve got the same thing, I think it’s just a matter of practice. I really
    need to learn to speed up the shuffling. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! It was a big help! I have a question though. Is
    there a trick to the boxing part of the shuffle? I am able to do the Riffle
    part correctly, but for some reason, I find it hard to box the cards
    efficiently. Thanks again 😀

  10. It sounds like you are practicing on a hard surface instead of on a felt
    with padding underneath. If you look at the shuffle train with me video,
    you will see an example of what to practice on at the beginning of the
    video – felt with shelf liner.

  11. yeah l know but l im french my english is so bad 😛 is very hard to make
    perfect cheat move is yean or pratice for become a cheat master

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