23 thoughts on “How to build a poker table by Nate Marquardt”

  1. I was looking on google for some good tutorials on how to throw together a
    poker table. I saw this really nice looking one and started to check it
    out. I was like, “Oh cool, this guy is a Nate Marquardt fan because of the
    header on his website.”… I hit play on the video and then THE Nate
    Marquardt came out and made a poker table like a boss. Well done, sir.

  2. Nice work. Were can I buy those table legs? I made my octagon pokertable
    today but need some removable table legs so that I can store my table
    somewere in the house.

  3. Nice work Nate, but should you not have a mask on when using MDF?? you dont
    want that in your lungs love your work

  4. This is awesome. You should invite the showtime execs over and play to get
    out of your Strikeforce contract 🙂

  5. Nate checkout my youtube channel PokerTableRouter101. Looks Like you made a
    copy of my elliptical table. Except I use a CNC router to cut the very
    difficult shape.

  6. Dude, this is the best video on youtube, thanks to you i´ll build my own
    table Saludos! from mexico

    S/F-SHOWTIME CONTRACT!!!! I wanna see one of these 2 opponents as your 1st
    fight back in the UFC: (1)Damian Maia (2)Mike Swick *To use Dana’s famous
    phrase: “That puts him in the mix.” Good Luck, Steve

  8. nice.looks like he got a job when he done fighting i bet they are worth a
    fair few ££££’s given that its homemade not some factory made piece of shit

  9. Nice job man. I’m thinking of trying to do the same thing with more shallow
    cup holders and a felt bottom to place on an existing wooden dining room

  10. Pretty bad ass man! Makes it easier to deal to everyone with the Olyptical
    shape. Will have to keep that in mind on my next build. If you get a chance
    check out the last one I put together.. World’s best Poker table- Aaron F.

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    Women,” what, is that about midgets? I freaking love midgets.

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