25 thoughts on “How I Became a Professional Poker Player | Poker Advice | School of Cards”

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  3. i know most of the theory about pot odss equity and all those and i apply
    those in my game…..but……something is missing ….don understand why
    and what bothers me most its like i’m such a donky after i lose those money
    and i blame pokerstars that its rigged and shet wich i know that’s wrong
    but……please help me on this one….Thanks an btw…..as i write this
    one…..yesterday i had 250 $ in my acount and today 0 😐 It’s dump i know

  4. Mann this is so sick…..i play on pokerstars….as
    VladGrama…..and……i have this issue….as u said…..i make a bankroll
    usualy from 10 $ up to lets say 200- 500 and than…..in 2-3 days or even 1
    day i lose them all………and than i just can’t play good poker anymore
    for about a week…..could u help me out a little bit by giving me some
    adice or smthing…….i reallly don’t know what to do anymore….i
    recently play HyperTurbo sng 3.5..or 7 buy in….please man help me win

  5. 6 times is not a lot but you may be a good player. Hard to tell with 6
    profitable sessions. The more you sit at a table. The less anxious you will
    get. Experience will remove anxiety. I can remember my first game at an
    underground club in new york. I was so anxious. I miss that feeling
    sometimes : )

  6. @adam90876 There is not one shred of academic research that correlates eye
    contact with lying. Tone is correlated with emotion not necessarily

  7. i was going to ask a question and tell a bit of my story but i can see the
    volume of responses here would be a bit overwhelming 🙁 haha keep up the
    good work!

  8. What’s the easiest way to build a bankroll? Tournament, Cash, 1-table sit n
    goes, etc…

  9. I really like your videos … they are easy to understand and I like the
    way that you explain things, keep up the good work. 😉

  10. Nice story thx 🙂 i can actually picture myself in your shoes,I myself
    started playing hold’em poker when i was 14 i saw it on tv and soon enough
    i got all my friend involved and after a while tried online freerolls on
    fulltilt, won 250$ easy then got 200$ out and lost the rest and quit, never
    wanted to put my own money at risk and was on tilt, so watched all the vids
    and read forums to improve but i didn’t play and now im 18 started playing
    again like 2 months ago and im consistantly winning 🙂

  11. Yea that’s a great approach. Just make sure you get your feet wet from time
    to time. It’s hard but not impossible to learn from the mistakes of others.
    But the intellectual discussion that can come from poker is absolutely

  12. Long story short, im a very hood player and ive won the last 6 times in a
    row, i dont think is luck, i think im very skillfull player, but i have a
    problem, and is that i cant control my anxiety when i have the winning
    hand, my heart seems too jump from my chest, ?what do you recommend about
    it!? Thanks for reading and i watch every video Efrain.

  13. Last year, I forgot to add. So I’m 17 now. Since it was on my dad’s account
    I had to pay him what I owed out of my savings from working. So everything
    I had made in poker for the year, and from my summer job was gone. I felt
    like my life was over type deal. Got over it, looked forward to turning 18.
    Turned 18, and I couldn’t deposit, so I had to get a transfer. was able to
    a player transfer on a site, and ran 100 up to 1700 playing mostly PLO
    heads up cash, and then run bad/tilt

  14. what if the site u play on only has 4nl table as the lowest do u short
    shack it or would i need to put more then 50? i kind of just wanted to just
    put on 50

  15. Then , i got down because you have to be 18 to play in my country, and 21
    for the main event which is still my goal, (im 21) well 7 years later,
    this year i went to the casino for the first time and played. I waited
    that long because of my bankroll, 200$ i didnt had the money to play
    backthen.. I got there the first time and it was an amazing feeling playing
    with some good players (or so i thought).

  16. busted again… Learned a lot of lessons, and don’t have the gambling issue
    I once had. But I am unable to deposit online now, and come from a
    poor(ish) family. So that dream I once had of becoming a pro is fading. It
    sucks looking back on the money I blew, because that was/is a ton of money
    to me.

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