25 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker Episode 5

  1. Gabe – Maybe there is something wrong with his eyes, perhaps he didn’t see
    his cards – Brilliant

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  3. I don’t like how Durr and Minieri play, I don’t see any good reason for the
    crazy bluffs they make. I think they are stupid crazy suicide bluffs, and I
    think it’s not a good play

  4. your account has been compromised, you should contact YouTube support and
    let them know that a spambot has sent out a message for 888 poker under
    your name.

  5. Gabe is such a fucking moron.At 19:50,why the fuck would Daniel love to see
    the AJ of spades????????So that he would have an over card and a flush draw
    giving him tons of outs.I cant stand him talking.Half the time he dosent
    make any sense at all.Yet thinks he is a great poker player..Clown

  6. dario is the first supernova 2013 pokerstar.it you plays all your life at
    NL 0,01/0,02 and shut up!!! please

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