7 thoughts on “Heads up in Texas Holdem

  1. Honestly, it depends on position. If you’re early position and first person
    to make action, it’s better to check. But if you’re late position and
    nobody betted or made minimal raise, then yes, u can semi-bluff and raise.
    But that’s how I would play it. I’m not saying my way is better or ideal
    but it’s just how I would play it and I’ve been successful and got lot of
    money into the pot this way. You prolly have your way but yeah, it’s not
    always good to semi-bluff and chase after cards.

  2. Their value goes down because with more people in the game, there is a
    higher possibility for more cards to make a wider variety of hands, like
    trips and straights. When you’re heads up, high cards go way up in value.

  3. Arty-0569 –the suited connectors, pairs and suited A4 go up because they
    are unexpected , “hidden hands ‘ and can win big – –the other, Hi cards go
    down cause they are not hidden , most people play them and when they hit
    the board its obvious a player has hit, if he bets.

  4. i didnt undestand why in multi way potts hands like 55 89s A4s go up in
    value, and hands like AJ KT AQ go down!!! is this true??? why?

  5. this is ok for micro stakes, but if your a high stakes player bluffing is
    an optimum part of heads up strategy

  6. With A8 diamonds on a K83 flop with 2 diamonds on it i’m ready to stack
    off. get the money in ASAP! if you can get it all in your usually favorite
    and theres always the possibility that the semi bluff will work…but to be
    honest if i’m all in there im looking to double up or go home so call me.
    even against a set of kings you have 9 outs, against a hand like KQ there
    you have a huge 14 outs (approx 55% win chance) and against even AK you
    have 11 outs (approx 44%) so im getting the money in ASAP

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