25 thoughts on “Gus Hansen on advanced poker strategy”

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  4. very true if in a game of like 25 50 blinds after the flop hits say theres
    150 in the pot i check passes to the next player checks then the 3rd player
    bets 75 and i come over with a bet of like 400 very good chance its a lame
    bluff. where as if i raise to like 125 it seems like i actually want him to
    call me.

  5. that is why you don’t make decent money playing it, instead you play free
    rolls and go all in with low pairs and off suited jack highs

  6. @techn9ne122089 you can’t raise to 125 there. You must raise by the
    previous bet or more. Your opponent bets 75 – you must raise by at least 75
    = 150 total. But a check minimum raise is a really bad play. You’re giving
    drawing hands tremendous odds to call. and if u have the best hand you’re
    not giving yourself much extra value. stick to the 300-400 raise in that
    situation. If an opponent has nothing, they’re going to fold either way. if
    they have a draw, you want to charge them to see cards.

  7. youre so fucking stupid and obviously dont play poker with any degree of
    skill or consistency. you always see the same people over and over at any
    level if you play the same site often, only a complete fuckign NOOB DONK
    moron would say otherwise, you muppet

  8. Yeah, me either. And in my opinion online poker just isn’t the same, it
    just doesn’t give me the real poker feeling

  9. noobs dont understand how to set up a bluff, sometimes takes hours to set
    one up correctly. its a people game, cards have little to do with poker,
    poker begins where the cards end, says ivey, and he understands the game,
    like me

  10. True..also online poker is half the original game. I play with friends and
    i play online as well. I do well at both but i can do more when playing

  11. Exactly–If in a cash game, online, the Fish are playing with scared
    money..No sense in bluffing- the Sharks, or High Stacks will look you up,
    and the Fish will scatter. (It’s an expensive lesson I learned years ago,
    brought to you all for free..)Lol

  12. @HappyClubRaver If you play for enough money online people start playing
    seriously. Are you playing at at the table with a $5 buy-in?

  13. Sure. The way to win money online is just to play ABC poker with a few
    bluffs sometimes. Playing fancy online does not work as even the “pro’s”
    are often multi tabeling and not paying attention to any tricks you might

  14. Honestly trying to read another player online is just dumb. Most players
    online play so loose that you have a bunch of donk’s/fishes that join and
    just raise and reraise each other, all pre flop and on the flop. Online
    poker is the a version of the cliched winning the retard Olympics, even if
    you win your still a retard. Online for Money and sitting at the felt are
    the only ways to play Poker.

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