25 thoughts on “Gripsed Poker Training – #24 – How to win Sit n Go’s!”

  1. we’re currently taking a break from doing them. It was a 3 week try. There
    will be some more int he future. If you sign up for coaching notifications
    on the website you will be on the front line of people knowing about them!

  2. You should never pass on huge EV+ spots folding pocket tens to that big
    stack is just criminal. If you call and win you put yourself in a position
    as a commanding chip leader and give yourself the best chance to take the
    tourney down and win.

  3. Last week I discovered this video. I watched it twice and it gave me so
    many insight into the SNG strategy and techniques to use. It is early to
    make conclusions on my results so far, but I managed to be ITM for 42 % and
    a ROI of 16 % over 62 SNGs 9 MAX. This really improved my game, thanks a
    lot Gripsed ! I hope I can keep on stackin’ !

  4. Yes plenty but i think that making those calls against that type of player
    in one of these games is still EV+.

  5. dont like that we’re just staring at u in the beginning of the video… why
    can’t we watch the action…

  6. First off, thank you for all the videos in such short time. When are you
    doing some Zoom again? Really enjoying you playing Zoom on small and

  7. do you know anything about double or nothing sit n go’s? I’m sure phil ivey

  8. thats all it was showing in the beginning when i wrote the comment. thought
    the whole video would be us watching him instead of the action =(

  9. This guy is funny as fuck, such a poker bro. “Thats 1.95, i could have
    spent that on a chocolate bar or something..i dont eat chcolate, but, i
    could ride the subway for 2 mins…I could go places bro”. Thanks for the
    awesome videos.

  10. Hey thanks for your videos , been on a looong marathon of watching them
    each day along with studying a lot and trying to learn as much about no
    limit holdem as i can and your videos have helped a lot in understanding
    the thought process when making decisions. Cannot wait until i start in
    about 2 weeks (18th bday)

  11. Just wanted to add, thanks from everyone for all the time and effort you
    have put into these great vids

  12. Why didn’t you shove sixes at 18:20? Dead money laying around, probably get
    it all with no showdown.

  13. i had an issues with my hotkeys, so everytime i used F1 to fold the feed
    would switch back to me. It won’t happen again 🙂 Skip to 15:00 to get the
    live in game action.

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