7 thoughts on “Full Tilt Poker 6 Play SNG Turbo”

  1. you can kinda tell calarvball is a annoying 10 year old kid or a dumb
    teen..but jcheek13 im a huge fan but like i said on the other comment on
    the other video i know how to get the other pirate but how do you get the
    pirate you have.keep making videos huge fan

  2. Checked out graph he’s solid… Just kidding. [ ] Take advice from this guy
    [x] Donk confirmed.

  3. @lhzzcng yeah im soo addicted to online poker, i always start with a no
    deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing claim it here:

  4. dude shut up. your voice is annoying. and your playing a 2 dollar game…
    wow your so good.. not. idiot

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