25 thoughts on “FLUSH vs. STRAIGHT vs. QUADS – Amazing Poker Hand

  1. Folding a straight in this circumstance is a moderately impressive fold.
    You expect players of high caliber to make that play. But it is rare to see
    in casual games.

  2. One time at my local weekly poker game, I was at a table that saw a Royal
    Flush, Quad 10s, Trip Kings, and Trip Jacks all in the same hand. It was
    the most insane thing I’ll ever see in poker.

  3. pure luck, this guy had negative expected value, wich meens even though he
    won he did’nt play it right. Therefor i don’t wanna give O’Dea any cread
    for this win.

  4. Kallakis-… “…nice, flopped a flush….” Flanders-… “sweet, flopped a
    straight….” O’Dea-… “trips, yeah, I should be safe…” Lucky bastard!

  5. You can’t have had trips, as O’Dea had both of the threes. You can stop
    posting this crap now.

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