25 thoughts on “Expert Insight Poker Tip: The Value of Suited Cards

  1. this is wrong but suited cards have higher implied odds so any suited aces
    is suprisingly proftable

  2. I know what you mean, I myself never fold a suited card in cash game when
    there is no raise, suited card is an opportunity to win a big pot!
    especially against fish that never fold their top pair to the end! suited
    connector even better, it gives u a lot of alternatives when the draw came.

  3. wish all beginners seen this.. then they wouldnt call rasies etc and suck
    out with Q3s, i know so many people who play suited cards, ull win one big
    pot every game you play i bet, but ul never win anything in the long run,
    can only suck out so many times before you gt busted

  4. also say your hand when it is unsuited will win 40% however if it is suited
    it is 44% this a 10$ increase

  5. @TheRealityattack good point regarding tourneys. those type of hands tend
    to lose equity when the blinds increase. the top ring game players, though,
    are always playing suited cards, and their not just connectors, too. i
    don’t think i’ve seen durrrr or ivey ever muck ANY suited pocket cards,
    unless of course there’s already a big raise out there or some kind of
    other circumstance…lol. just kidding a little, but you know what i mean.

  6. Good advise. Personally, I play according to bet size of opponents and not
    the cards I am holding. Is calling worth it?…this is what i ask myself.
    Sometimes I fold high pairs if the call is too big.

  7. I really think tournament play is more about position and aggressiveness
    rather than hand strength and agressiveness. It’s a nuance, but a very
    significant difference. You can actually win with a lot of hands in a
    tourney that you would be a fool to even think about playing in a cash
    game. And the reason for that is escalating blinds and antes.

  8. i actually dont agree with this tip. having suited cards gives you a higher
    possibility of hitting a flush.

  9. That tip isnt that good. I mostly play Ace anything suited only because of
    its suitedness. And of course I only play for the flush. If I dont hit,
    fine, then I only lost the blinds. But if I hit, it´s payday. You have to
    play Axs like small pocket pairs. If you dont hit anything get away and if
    you hit, take their chips. The probabilities shown in this video are only
    relevant when you want to go allin with your suited cards, and that is of
    course nonsense.

  10. at a big table and big hand (4+ people) when youre playing with suited
    cards, your odds are increased close to 4 percent still, which is a big
    deal when it comes to pot odds. playing low suited connectors all-in,
    preflop, in a low-medium LIMIT table when you think everyone else has high
    pockets or AK offsuit, can win you some big hands (makes more sense if
    youve already called a raise so youre already pot commited). between AK,
    QQ, JJ, 10 10, and 67 suited, 67 has 20% still.

  11. maybe you can pay 7% more than you would just to see the flop… but after
    that is over…(or it’s on)… lol

  12. It’s amazing how newbies think suited cards are so damn special. They only
    become valuable AFTER the flop (if you have a four-flush, for example).
    Before the flop, things like K2s are an insta-fold in most situations, but
    so many people overplay hands like that. Something like Q6 suited is about
    as good as Q7 offsuit, and J5 suited is about equal to J6 off suit. In
    other words, useless. It’s only AX suited cards (e.g. A5 clubs) that are
    worth limping in with, because of nut flush possibilities.

  13. What is missing here. When there are more players in the pot the odds of
    winning with suited cards are dramatically increased. And the implied odds
    are increased as well.

  14. Ok, so hold ’em has evolved to the age of the suited connector. I hear a
    lot of people talk about how you can play this type of hand like small pp
    and hope you catch a flop, or the monster straight flush draw. But it’s
    still a dangerous hand to push with even if you do catch either the
    straight or the flush, the flush especially. If you’re lucky enough to
    catch the better end of the straight, or hold the middle, then you can
    push, but what if the board pairs? Dangerous hand, IMHO.

  15. I would say 90% of poker, for people who are consistent winners, is all
    about knowing your opponents and adapting to them. I like to show
    tendencies to my opponents just to use their image of me to either trap or
    bluff. If they think I am a very tight agro, and only play when I have the
    nuts, it makes it much easier to bluff. If they see me as loose passive, I
    can play some cheap flops, then when my hand hits it’s like riding the
    donkey wagon. Why push when the OP is pulling.

  16. Decreased. If you have suited cards and there are more players in the hand,
    the likelyhood that other players have at least one card of your suit
    increases, leaving less cards in the deck for you to make your flush.

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