25 thoughts on “EPIC POKER Tournament Series Three:$20,000 Mix Max No Limit Hold’em MAIN EVENT Video

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  3. idk how klodnicki could make those folds in the beginnning….folded top
    pair, folded two pair….how does he do it????

  4. Really good match! I just wish there was a way to mute Pat o’brien. cannot
    stand his voice/commentary :

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  6. this is not poker! This is either fixed or they just show 1/100 hands
    because every single hand BOTH players get GREAT hand then they both hit
    EVERYTIME???? that is not poker i play tournaments 5-6 times a week and a
    large % of the time you get 23 and fold for hours>>> THEN when you finally
    get 2 people with good hands IN REAL POKER 75% of the time they both miss
    the flop….but not at epic poker they have a good hand everyhand AND they
    both hit EVERYHAND…..its staged and acted out.

  7. What the fuck you on about. I’m clearly richer and smarter then you, you
    are trolling on youtube. Go read a book!

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