25 thoughts on “Drawing Dead (Poker Documentary)

  1. I have seen that video before. The case of a Seattle guy walking across
    America to share his story of how “poker almost ruined my life.”

    The fact is, it wasn’t poker. Instead it was his ability to control his own
    emotions, greed whatever it might have been.

    He blames poker when he should simply take responsibility for his own
    actions. Until of course he can convince everyone that his online poker
    addiction is better classified “a disease.”

    It’s worked before!

  2. 1:33 in are u fuckin serious?! im done here lol this dude is the kevin
    costner of the virtual sickness

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  4. 00:25 should of gambled within ur means idiot! hsould of worked on ur game!
    u get out what u put in same as life….get real u fish

  5. Way to go dude, telling a self made millionaire how to spend his own
    money.. Keep working hard at Wal-Mart brother, im sure you’ll get a raise
    one day..

  6. It strikes me as more of statement on Western life than anything else, this
    strange notion of success.

  7. 1.8 gpa because of poker, gimme a break. Isn’t he wasting more time and
    money walking across the country? Jail? The guy is using poker as an excuse
    for his problems.

  8. when you get addicted to the suspense instead of the money potentially won
    or lost, then it becomes a problem psychologically.

  9. Anyone that is willing to steal from friends is going to have problems no
    matter what their pursuit in life is.

  10. In case anyone was interested in seeing the FINISHED full length 75 minute
    feature of DRAWING DEAD: The Highs & Lows of Online Poker, its available
    for download via the films website which is in the video above, or just
    google “Drawing Dead Poker Documentary”. Im interested what you guys think,
    so let me know! -Mike, Director DRAWING DEAD

  11. LEATHER ASS, How about you go out and spend ur money and live in a more
    beautiful home , Those millions arent going to spend themselves, or you
    want them to win it back from you before you realize you cant be sitting at
    home only ??

  12. obv you wouldnt end up always at zero if you were good!!! fuck you could
    play 1 or 2 dollar rebuys or only $5 tournaments and make alot alot of
    money with risking very little.so again tell me how this guy was good.More
    like this guy is scum

  13. It’s possible to be good at poker and also broke. If you’re one of those
    guys who spends all your winnings instead of reinvesting it into your
    bankroll, then all it takes is one bad run to put yourself in a big hole.

  14. The young gent obviously has other issues besides gambling. He’s got some
    OCD issues. Replaced gambling with obsessively walking.

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