24 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Pocket Aces! WSOP 2012 – Nice Poker Hand

  1. Somebody below said,”Never slow play AA.” I disagree in this particular
    situation. You don’t slow play JUST pocket A’s but if after the flop you
    get another ace to make three of a kind and there is no strait/flush draw
    opportunities shown I can understand doing what Daniel did. Although there
    is the 5,6 that the opponent “could have” which is highly unlikely because
    he called the raise preflop which means he probably has higher cards so he
    likely doesn’t have an open ended strait. This particular situation Daniel
    did nothing wrong it just turned out bad because the opponent won with the
    odds way against him. I suppose once the strait opportunity arose after the
    first river card maybe going all in would have been smart but even then the
    chances of Daniel losing are low but he just got screwed. It happens. 

  2. I was always so terrified of being sucked out that I would almost never
    slow play. If I had a set, and I thought there was a chance for a straight
    or a flush, my next bet was always huge. If I made a straight and thought
    someone had a flush draw, bet huge. Had a flush and a guy raises me, all
    in. Etc. In the end, I learned I had no stomach to play this game for any
    significant amount of money.

  3. Great, another self-proclaimed poker pro who fails to understand that
    slow-playing AA pre-flop is completely different than slow-playing trip
    aces after a rainbow flop.

  4. If the Raised 100K and then comes K and Raise 200K he would have probably
    Folded but because he is stupid he slow played

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