25 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu Goes Apeshit On Full Tilt Poker Owners”

  1. Daniel said it right. They need to go to prison for stealing everyone’s
    money. Any company that runs a ponzi scheme should be punished

  2. And the worst part is that as hard as people were trying to prove that
    poker is a legitimate skill game, Full Tilt makes it look criminal and
    despicable. These douche bags are gonna be watching there shadow for a long
    time. Don’t let me catch one of em out in public, I keep a bat in the car.
    They gave politicians more ammo to keep poker banned. Good job pros! Way to
    help the cause. They got me for only $400, but worst off all is they
    crushed a billions a year industry that good players were making legit
    money off of. And is it true that Full Tilt is back online abroad? I see
    what looks like fairly recent vid’s of tourneys on that site. You got to be
    crazy to play on there if thats true!

  3. So rare to see someone come out and say what they mean, and in public too!
    Takes courage and character. (Something our politicians don’t have.)

  4. keith, you know it’s funny you talk about the heads up thing. I noticed on
    all poker site, there’s sooo many players sitting alone on a table. if
    they’re so eager to play heads up, why not join another player that’s been
    waiting for a “player”…”all stakes”

  5. I agree with how you feel, but it’s pretty simple why other players want
    him around, he has money.

  6. The saying that any money you give to Chris Ferguson, you will never see
    again is so true.

  7. daniel negreanu was the reason i started playing poker ‘Full Tilt was the
    reason i stopped playing poker’

  8. lol yeah telling the whole world what you think on youtube is 2 faced….Or
    maybe hiding you’re emotions to properly hustle the poker table is 2 faced?
    All i know for sure….0/10

  9. If you don’t understand why we sit and wait in those format of games then
    don’t complain that we do it! No it isn’t some sort of scam at all it’s
    good tactics, im not going to play the other highly ranked player that has
    a chance at taking my money hell no, il wait for a crap player to get lucky
    and greedy and take his money almost gauranteed. If a better player joins
    the heads-up well thats ok too, its unlikely but it just means a longer

  10. poker star and full tilt play with robots,,,i will never charge my acount
    with real money

  11. Hes not an owner at pokerstars so he has no say in what happen with
    pokerstars. So your comment is irrelevant towards his position against

  12. Now Pokerstars is offering a deal to “link your account” with your Fulltilt
    account for a $20 ring ticket. Working with this scum?? How could you

  13. Daniel is the shit awesome for sticking up for everyone knowing that people
    will listen and pokerstars which sponsors him and he doesnt own part of
    paid their players

  14. Why would he talk shit in front of you while playing a poker tournament?
    And why should he NOT talk shit about you when you’ve stolen HUNDREDS OF
    MILLIONS DOLLARS from the whole poker community?

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