17 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu folds ACES – GREAT POKER by Daniel Negreanu”

  1. First, not that difficult of a laydown. No odds to call and so many hands
    can beat aces there. Second, it’s so hard not to respect Negreanu. Not only
    for his play but for how he handles himself at every poker table. True role
    model for up and coming players.

  2. Anyone else notice how negreanu said “ill let you bluff me” just to try to
    get him to show? I swear the way this guy plays mind games with people…
    just brilliant.

  3. The problem with the Korean student is that he check and bet in a hurry, if
    he slowly does that in about 10 sec, Daniel might call.

  4. always struggle to fold aces. just feel like ive already won the pot
    whenever im dealt them

  5. Yep easy fold! As soon as Lee called the flop, Negreanu puts him on a 7 or
    8… and with the 2nd 8 on the turn… its an instant fold for Aces.

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