Dag Palovič tendency to win is undoubtedly innate

The poker apex echelon has a dearth of Slovakian players; the records do not reveal as numerous gurus as their Canadian, British or US counterparts. Dag Palovič rose to prominence when he final tabled twice at the European Poker Tour and is the only player from his backyard who has cashed in the WSOP Main Event where he placed 120th and 37th in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

Up to 2013, he came second in the Slovak list of all time money winners with substantial winnings exceeding $909,405. His enviable resume is a trove for poker players who hail from nations that are endowed with top-notch gambling gurus. The theme of his lengthy poker career is encouraging all and sundry those having a penchant for the game to venture.

Palovič became eminent in 2007 when he final tabled at the €4,700 European Poker Tour Prague tournament placing 7th to garner a generous $137,151. He resuscitated this accomplishment on the same year where he final tabled again in the EPT San Remo to place 7th again while squeezing out $176,628. From that time, Palovič has cashed three times at the EPT, with a 14th position in the Grand Final, Madrid in 2011 where he raked in $89,054.

In 2008 he finished in the money at the WSOP placing 69th in the $5,000 NLHE tournament. In 2009, he cashed three times more, emerging 120th in the WSOP Main Event. 2010 saw him surpass his previous benchmark at the WSOP as he finished 37th to walk away with $206,395. As of 2012, Palovič cashed five times and has total career earnings exceeding $909,405 with his WSOP account contributing $268,826.

Apart from his commendable performance at the EPT and WSOP, he has also won the €5,000 International de France de heads-up in 2010 to clinch the $84,570 first prize. Thus, though Slovakians are eclipsed by other nationals in poker at the global scale, at least Palovič has saved his country from complete oblivion.