25 thoughts on “Crush Live Poker by Bart Hanson. Live Training Video.”

  1. 9:53 and then 13:10 This is a complete contradiction..only took you four
    minutes..Are you a goldfish bro?

  2. 9:53 “Now I am never really a proponent of slowplaying, or anything like
    that, cause I think alot of times it kills your action and does more harm
    than good” 13:10 “I’m always a fan of slowplaying, but I think the times
    that you can check-raise are the times that the draws don’t alway come in..
    Another example of results orientated poker “training”…cmon bro seriously?

  3. i disagree, with a 200 riv bet against the guys AA. villian could have
    played a set and got aboat on the riv. ud be betting 200 right into it. i
    would value bet between 100-150 that way he did get aboat we can still get
    away wiithout losing much

  4. 16:40 his bet of 200 is not a mistake some low stacks player spatially
    middle age guys are ok with calling as long as they have some chips left
    but if you put them all in they start to think cos they dont want to bust
    and go home.

  5. The only thing bart hanson is crushing…is his boyfriend
    butthole…completely useless to listen to thi garbage…I want that 8 mins
    of my life back.

  6. Bart I have a question on something you say in your hand against Stan (KJ
    v. JJ) about perceived table image. Do you have any material on how to gage
    what other people think of you and how you can use that to your advantage?
    I am 21 and I look every bit the age or younger, so I often get the remark
    that I must be a LAG internet player. But in reality, I am very much a TAG
    player. At what point does my initial perceived image as a LAG wear off
    especially when my play is to the contrary?

  7. In your commentary about straight versus AA. Do you really think the guy
    with AA would have been willing to go broke with such a marginal hand? What
    I mean is, would a shove by the player with the straight be a “deal killer”
    where as the $200 bet gave him the psychological out that even if he calls
    and looses he still has chips to play?

  8. Thanks for the video I thought it was very informative. I had a question…
    The hand where you limped QQs oop, if someone did bet would you almost
    always raise pre? What do you think about just flatting?

  9. Bart “the douche” Hanson! Wow buddy, after that horrendous commentary job
    from Live at the Bike, I was hoping to NEVER have to subject my ears or
    brain to the way you think about poker! Seeing as how I run bad enough to
    have stumbled onto this piece of pseudo poker coaching shit for a video, i
    suppose i”ll have a laugh at how much your thought process hasn’t evolved
    since 05 or whenever it was.

  10. You guys have so much fish. Where I live, when you play 2/5, everyone knows
    what they’re doing

  11. you do understand that in a casino they use a card shuffler and two
    separate decks that they rotate after every hand.

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