25 thoughts on “Crazy poker hand: set over set over set!”

  1. This happened to me in a live tournament. Flop came 5 6 K dude to my left
    had pocket 5s the other had pocket 6s I had pocket Ks. I still haven’t been
    able to find out what the odds of this happening are.

  2. @amenKilla are you for real? look how much money they have, there NEVER
    NEVER goin to fold a set with a $100 behind them….. no fuk off and leave
    me alone u NIT

  3. i mean this is crazy people lose 100 bb all the time just because you lost
    it with a set come on get real besides its a freak accident that doesnt
    happen to often now you will have the next 10000 hands freedom..

  4. @champions20000009 may be not the short stack once he reraises the first
    raise but the guy with the 8s shoulda have.

  5. wat site is this? straddles, checking in the dark? wtf that is absolutely
    class, is it still around.

  6. @amenKilla how could you not put someone on a big straight or flush draw?
    You seem to be the player in a 3 bet preflop would fold aces on a 222
    board. Good day.

  7. @00Phat12345 as i said to whoever else on here yes yuri is commited but the
    js reraise to 92 dollars and the guy with the 5s senses NO DANGER here
    whatsoever? im sorry but i would be seriously thinking about what was going
    on in this hand for the other two guys to be so aggresive on it. im sorry
    but the jacks raise to 92 dollar SCREAMS set to me buddy simple as that. so
    no if i was yuri im commited and keeping my fingers crossed but the 5s
    should have folded. i would have.no doubt about it

  8. @amenKilla You fold EVERYTIME you put your opponent on top set?? You must
    make shit profit.

  9. @StaticDonut You would qualify for a 300K jackpot on allot of sites with a
    sick hand like that ^^

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