23 thoughts on “Ben Affleck, Ray Romano in 2008 WSOP Ante Up for Africa”

  1. Affleck is getting a message at very beginning. Andy is siiting next to Ray
    Romano and Mike the Mouth is sitting across from him.

  2. Look at what Ben is wearing in the video- then do a search for “Ben Affleck
    & Matt Damon attend 2008 WSOP Ante up for Africa” See a better pic of Ben
    in same outfit in same event.

  3. try and spot, ben and casey affleck, shannon elizabeth,don cheadle, ray
    romano, bacause i was there that night, and there was loads of celebs just
    hanging around, and they dont like flashes from cameras when there playing,
    shannon elizabeth was the only one who got up and signed autographs for the
    crowd watching, while i was there

  4. Well if you could prove it then you’d have proof, and there’d be no denying
    it. But do you have proof?

  5. Phil sure is loud in this 1…. if i was there id ask him to kindly stfu or
    turn way way down champ… haha

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  7. good vid lotta stars makes them more real when there all there just playing
    poker i bet id beat there ass though ; )

  8. That aint Ben Affleck. Just looks like him from behind and this guy thought
    he’d get more views if he added that in the title. He lies I tell you!
    Where’s the shot from the front? Yeah that’s what I thought

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