10 thoughts on “Basic Poker Etiquette : Understand the Chip Stacks in Poker

  1. one thing with this is when in a casino put your highest chips under
    another stack in case some1 trys 2 take some off the top…if they do it
    wouldent be your biggest chip

  2. LOL smoothly as posible hilirious i dunt giv a fuck anythin goes if ppl
    guna tilt about then feel free

  3. when im playing with ma buddy’s we just stack the way we stack if u wanna
    raise u raise him just ask if u doubt..

  4. Its an etiquette not a requirement (having neat chip stacks). The ONLY rule
    is to have your biggest chip denomination at a visible spot, eg. your
    $1000s not hiding behind your $10s.

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