Schwartz – In The World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is the highest tournament ever played on the game of poker. Hundreds of players from all across the globe take part in this spectacular event which generally takes place at Rio Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada. The 27th event of the World Series is worth remembering for its surprising happenings.

An American born entrepreneur called Ylon Schwartz had won the game of poker at the end. He played superbly with calculated risks. He won his first bracelet in this event. And at the end the amount of money that he could accumulate crossed over two hundred and sixty seven dollars. What was most impressing was his unique start which set the mood of the game at very outset. As he was genius chess player, it helped him a lot in winning the title for sure. His love for chess led him to his playing of poker.

One of his friends taught him the rules of Poker very deliberately, finding the deep interest in his heart for the game. Schwartz did not only win the game, but he won it comprehensively with complete dominance over his opponents. Speaking of his love for poker, Schwartz remarked that after realising that poker is a perfect mixture of skill and hard work, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself in the game of poker.

As Schwartz was stuck to chess at the initial part of his career, so did him in the game of poker in the later part of his life. His opponents remarked high praises for Schwartz.- β€œHe is a competitor and he knows very well how to win the game with utter dominance…”. Though Schwartz was passionate about playing poker, he warned people that without passion and perfect skill, there might be danger in attempting to play this game.