25 thoughts on “3-Card Poker from the WSOP Tournament 3

  1. i thought the rule for dealer to open is u need at least a J or Q high, but
    second the deal had a 10 up, wtf

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  4. What the fuck is this? The announcer is a total cocksucker, he doesn’t know
    the rules, annoys the hell out of the players, who themselves don’t even
    seem interested and have no idea how much money they have or how to count
    it and many of them never look at their cards! Most unprofessional poker
    video I have ever watched…

  5. This is not even watchable……. They dont focus on the cards at all….
    strategy is remotely talked about…. and the commentator is giving me the
    douche chills through out the entire video.

  6. The Commentator doesn’t seem to know what fame they are playing. 3 card
    poker is player vs dealer! This guy seems to think it’s player vs. Player

  7. On the first hand he talked trash against the lady who played Q76 at 4:46!
    It is mathematically correct to raise on Q64 or better (- Wizard Of Odds).
    I understand that tournaments will sometimes require mathematically wrong
    moves to win the tournament. However, since it was only the first hand of
    the tournament, there was NO exception to the Q64 rule at that time.

  8. ‘Douche chills’ isn’t a term I’ve ever heard, yet at the same time I know
    what you’re talking about.

  9. How do you have a Three Card Poker tournament? It’s just luck, it’s
    practically a slot tournament. Also screw the narrator for saying the
    OF THE MONTH.” Fuck you I am literally just a middle-man monkey.

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