25 thoughts on “2013 NBC Heads Up Poker Championship – Episode 9”

  1. I understand that Daniel Cates is an amazing HU player. But IMO he is
    socially retarded and comes across as a douchebag. He needs someone to
    bring his ego down a few notches.

  2. Daniel Cates is nothing special personality wise but wow I really wanted
    him to punish that arrogant Siever cock

  3. the fact that scott seiver is so proud of himself for beating jungle just
    shows that inside his mind he knows that jungle is much better than he is

  4. pretty obvious jungle is the better HU player of the two. as an overall
    player id put my money on seiver though

  5. Likable Mikey what’s the world coming to. Seiver was obnoxious here but i’v
    liked him every other time on tv. Cates is a weirdo but i don’t know him

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