25 thoughts on “2008 World Series of Poker Bad Beat 4 Aces vs. Royal Flush

  1. im so confused wtf arnt people more excited about the royal flush it pretty
    much impossible to get one…

  2. royal flush to beat 4 aces and ray at your side. I wouldn’t believe that if
    it wasn’t on video.

  3. It’s not very often that you see this kind of situation. A Four of a Kind
    is almost always a sure victory. Not here at the 2008 #WSOP 

  4. Dude . Two aces in the flop .. This is not omaha poker . You only can have
    two cards in ur “hand” . So its impossible to have 4 aces unless u flop it

  5. @YesIAmThatCoolBitch im not saying he shouldve folded, im saying the way he
    went all in was pretty douchey, why does he have to throw the chips

  6. Im trying to think of a bet to that table that would make me fold quad
    aces. Trip aces were strong on the table up to the river and a strong bet
    off the river would almost always make me think nut flush (it was the third
    diamond to the board and if the wife-beater guy had the King flush then
    quads are the only possible beat). Basically id never expect suited non
    connectors to hold out until the river versus properly bet trip aces.
    tl/dr: Id have lost all my money lol

  7. Everybody here saying they’ve folded quad kinds are fucking dumb and scrub
    poker players first of all you don’t fold quad jacks, queens, kings or
    aces… you just don’t do it.

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