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Vanessa K. Selbst has the Guts to Surpass Her Counterparts

Today echoes of the feminist’s agendum are reverberated in different spheres of life, and so has poker as its casino doors are always ajar ushering them in. This has not redressed the parity as many women are ousted by men at the fledgling days of the events. Nevertheless, Vanessa K. Selbst eclipsed the patriarchal fallacy […]

John Juanda-Poker winning the bracelets 4 in numbers

The games are really plentiful here, whereas there is a game which gives the interest to play and it also makes you earn cash prizes too and along with it a bracelet has been earned by the players who win the game. Such a game is knowable as Poker, where many players play the game, […]

Jake Cody Poker Player-Holds the bracelet 1 in hands

There are plentiful games playable across the world, which includes the number of games, thereby some games entertain you much, and some games fail to. It depends upon the games. When you consider the games played across the world, you can really turn counting a lot so. Among those, you can consider the Poker game, […]

Schwartz – In The World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is the highest tournament ever played on the game of poker. Hundreds of players from all across the globe take part in this spectacular event which generally takes place at Rio Casino at Las Vegas, Nevada. The 27th event of the World Series is worth remembering for its surprising happenings. […]